I am an eighteen year old Economics student from the South of England. I am now taking a gap year and wish to continue economics into higher education at university. I am conducting this blog entirely independently of my college, and as a vehicle where I can share my own ideas on economic theories, and apply my learning to real life relevant political and economic issues.

As an eager economics student, I find the most rewarding aspect of the science to be the real life application of the different ideas I read about and study. Whether this be the myopic nature of Trump’s environmental policy, which opens the door to market failure, or the development of the cartelisation of OPEC, and the implications this has in both micro and macro terms. Hopefully, by putting economic theories into real life situations, I can turn the A-Level syllabus from a black-and-white fact learning exercise, into a science grounded by real life perspective, as well as developing and sharing my own ideas about Economics.